In Print: Theater der Zeit – Arbeitsbuch 25, Castorf

Big Art Group’s interview is out about Frank Castorf in Theater der Zeit’s Arbeitsbuch 2016! Thanks to Matt Cornish

From the book

“Endstation Amerika” ​​in Santiago de Chile, “The Master and Margarita” in Moscow, “Pension Schöller: The Battle” in Belgrade, “Dämonen” in Paris – Frank Castorf’s transhistoric and transgeographical aesthetics has outgoing from the mother ship Volksbühne by regular guest plays theaters, Critics and artists all over the world. But how is his thinking and staging of “unique realities” in the context of other aesthetic, cultural, and, above all, political-social contexts? How do his literary adaptations affect a Russian audience? Like his wild, existential, theatrical-acting theater theater director in China? What are the intellectual tips? What aesthetic?

The workbook 2016 presents the work of Frank Castorf in its international perception, recalls its beginnings in Vorpommerschen Anklam, maps his work at the Volksbühne at Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz and focuses on this all-encompassing aspects such as “medial strategies” (Alexander Kluge) , “Philosophical interpretations” (Boris Groys), “East-West transformations” (Carl Hegemann). We also publish Frank Castorf’s speech in March 2016 on the occasion of the awarding of the Grand Art Prize of the Academy of Arts, Berlin.

In Print: Big Art Group’s THE PEOPLE – L.E.S. Featured in Exeunt Magazine

© Grant Shafer

© Grant Shaffer

“New York-based performers Big Art Group came home to Abrons Arts Center this month, with their show The People, an experiment in democracy-building as only this adventurous, tech-savvy company could imagine it.”

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In Print: The People in Danish Teater1 Magazine


Caden Manson and Jemma Nelson spoke with Mette Garfield, co editor of the Danish Theater Magazine Teater1, on the occasion of Big Art Group’s performances of THE PEOPLE – LES at Abrons Arts Center in New York. In the article and interview Big Art Group discusses the performance of democracy, contemporary tragedy, and Big Art Group’s use of technology in participatory live events.

“Its not high tech or low tech, its me and you tech” – Caden Manson