Frameworks is a set of techniques in digital devising for contemporary performance. It incorporates a new and expanding vocabulary for performance that reflects and embodies our hyper-connected world; it includes exercises for creators, collaborators, and participants in performance works; and it engages in working with contemporary technology. Some of the concepts and exercises that are introduced are:

The Hybrid Body – training the body for simultaneous presence and the double event.

  • Movement based training in an awareness of the video camera and its frame
  • Developing skills in multiple presence, or how to accomplish overlapping and networked performance goals through moment-to-moment work with an ensemble
  • Video Puppetry – embracing and using the boundaries of the video plane
  • Character as Cyborg – liquefying and queering the character
  • Dramaturgy of the image
  • Technical discussions about evolutions in media and the use of technology in performance.

Post Internet and the New Aesthetic – embracing new narrative strategies in developing performance and embodying the digital/analogue devide

  • Developing and coding algorithmic prompts for devising
  • Exercises in reifying the aesthetic qualities of reenacting, montage, sampling, looping, and distortion
  • Strategies in embodying the concepts of the timeline, frame rate, and edit.